Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Break

We survived Spring Break last week. I think we did pretty well considering it was my first week after my help went home.

~wrote invisible ink messages
~went to the dinosaur museum
~drove half of Young M's preschool carpool
~went grocery shopping (with five of the kids)
~took everyone (including the Professor) to IKEA to buy a new table and chairs
~went on a walk
~rode bikes
~had a picnic with neighbors
~slept in
~got the last two children's teeth fixed
~got four recalls fixed on the minivan
~had the piano tuned
~and went to math circle and the library on Saturday

I don't like getting up to get the kids off, but it sure was nice to send them back to school this week.

(By the way, for grandmas and other interested parties, I have added a picture to my last post.)

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