Sunday, January 18, 2015

January Lesson Notes

Relief Society January Lesson
Love the Lord

My Notes

One way I really feel loved is when people have time for me.  While I was growing up, my mother stayed home, and I could talk with her while she cleaned or made dinner or did other things.  My first few years at college I could call her during the day and she would be home.  Then my dad got sick and couldn’t work, and my mom went back to work as a school teacher.  

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I've been moved

At our church, I've been working in the library helping keep things running and organized for over two years.  Last month, that changed.  I've been asked to help teach the women (Relief Society) on Sundays.  I'm excited for a chance to spend more time thinking about truth and reading the scriptures.  Somehow I always learn so much more than there is time to share.

My first lesson was the Sunday before Christmas.  We talked about the many prophecies of Christ that had been made and just who this amazing baby was, sharing some of our favorite scriptures about Him.  Then we read the Christmas story.  Isn't it amazing that Christ was willing to come as we all do, as a helpless baby?

My favorite part of the whole experience was reading and looking for scriptures about Jesus Christ during December to prepare.  I've learned that one powerful way to experience Christmas in my heart is to spend a lot of time in the scriptures.

I'll be teaching most months (but only once a month.  Whew!).  When I have reasonable notes, I will share my lessons' notes here.

edit:  I will be teaching lessons taken from the scriptures and the teachings of Ezra Taft Benson, the president and prophet of our church when I was a child.  (Our manual this year is here.)  Just in case you wonder why I'm quoting him so much...