Friday, August 6, 2010

My choice

~Each day I waste my gifts and time on mundane jobs that nobody appreciates. I do everything nobody else wants to so that my husband and my children can go out into the world and enjoy and succeed. Each day, I sacrifice my career, my fulfillment, and my basic needs so that others can have them. I work overtime so they don't have to. No matter how much I do, it is never done and never enough. No matter which knee I kiss or which stomach I feed another need is waiting. I never pray enough, or read enough scriptures, or exercise enough. I eat too many sweets, crave too much sleep, and waste too much time on the computer. Life is hard.~

~Each day, my husband goes to work so that we can have our needs met. Each day, he works so that I can stay home and bless our lives and provide the stability and continuity the children need so much. Each day, I make a difference as I teach and comfort my children. Every time I exercise, pray, or read scriptures, I am strengthened. Each day I feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and lift up the hands that hang down. I am blessed to spend my days in the service of my children and my husband and my God. My husband misses so much of the sweetness of parenting so that I can be here for it. I am blessed to use my gifts in our house to enrich our lives. As I create a clean home, delicious food, comfortable children, and a safe haven, I create joy for myself and others. I am so blessed.~

Each day I choose with my thoughts and my words. Each day I teach my children that either I am downtrodden and oppressed or that I am uplifted and blessed. Each time I choose, I create a reality.

Which will I choose today?