Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Introducing Miss S

Miss S joined our family three and a half weeks ago. We've enjoyed having a little one again.

Miss S waited to come until the last minute. (She was born early in the morning the day I was to be induced.)

Thankfully, Young T has accepted our new baby. When she cries he tells me, "Baby's mad." If she doesn't calm down he tells me, "Baby needs a drink." And he loves to give her the sweetest hugs. Of course he still needs lots of extra hugs and doesn't like having to share me, but we can work with that.

The kids fight over sitting by the baby in the car. Young M was excited to sit next to Miss S and help her. When Young T started singing from his seat, "Don't cry, Miss S. Don't cry." (repeat) to the tune of "Let's go Cougars. Let's go." Young M got quite upset. It was supposed to be his turn to help her. (Sigh. Must they fight? Apparently.)

Know that we are sleepy and well here.

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