Sunday, October 10, 2010

The parable of the drink of water

(From something I learned a year or two ago.)

As a mother I am often asked for a drink of water in many different ways.
~My one year old will pull on my pants, repeatedly demanding. He will get louder and louder until he gets what he wants.
~My two year old will walk up to me, crying. She will cry, "I'm thirsty!" and proceed to throw a tantrum.
~My four year old will holler from the couch, "Get me a drink!"
~My six year old will whine, "I'm thirsty."... "I need a drink."... "Mom!"

I would love to hear, "Hey, Mom. May I have a drink? I'll get the cup."

I realized that I do these same things to the Lord as I pray.
~There are times I act like my baby. I pray over and over, demanding to get what I want. The only acceptable answer is now.
~There are times I act like my toddler. I begin to be upset that he isn't giving me what I want before I ever ask for it. I expect the answer to be "No," and a tantrum ensues.
~There are times I act like my preschooler. I pray with little thought for what I'm asking, expecting the Lord to magically take care of everything. I tell Him just what to do and when.
~There are times I act like my oldest. I whine. I beg.
~And there are times I don't even ask, afraid that what I'm asking for will be wrong or make someone upset.

I suspect the Lord would love to have me ask in confidence that He will give me what I need and yet be willing to do whatever work is required to get where I want to be. He would like me to trust Him when the answer is "Not right now."

As a mother, I can help my children more quickly when they ask for what they need and trust me to help them soon. When they don't, it takes so much longer. Can I trust my Father the way I want my children to trust me? or do I throw so many tantrums I can't hear His gentle answer?

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