Saturday, October 9, 2010

No Thanks!

This summer we've been meeting with a group of neighbors to play games. In theory we play all sorts of games. In practice, we generally play No Thanks. It is a simple game with numbered cards that goes quickly. There is some strategy involved, but enough luck and dealing with others' choices that the same strategy doesn't always work. I've been surprised at how many different people enjoy the game.

The basic game play is quite simple. Take nine cards out of the deck. They are out of the game for this round. Don't look at them. With the remaining cards, turn over a card. If it is your turn, either take the card or pass by putting a chip on the card. If you pass, the next person has a turn. If you take the card, you get all the chips on the card. Turn the next card over and it's still your turn. When all the cards are gone, the person with the lowest points wins the round. Chips are negative points. Cards are the number of points on them. For consecutive cards, only count the lowest card.

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