Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It's been almost fifteen years...

Tonight we took the kids to the local high school football game. We snuggled up in blankets and had snacks. "Next time they catch a pass you can have a skittle." "Look, they got another touchdown. Here's an M&M." "Find number 15. We know him." The Professor had the baby sleeping in a sling. Young M liked climbing down the bleachers and counting how far he'd gone. Miss E kept telling me, "I'm cold. I'm hungry." Young A was getting a play by play from the Professor and greatly enjoying it. Miss M was alternating between interested and bored. She is now considering being a cheerleader in high school. They were quite impressed with the costumed Harley riders who threw shirts into the crowd (the mascot for the Rival University and someone we called Chewbacca.) Our team was beating the other team badly, so we could happily leave in the middle of the third quarter. As we left, the other team finally scored. I was glad for them. We had fun. If only my baby would go to sleep now that he's woken up from his lovely "nap," I could retire as well.

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  1. What a fun family outing! And of course I'm thrilled to hear that Miss M is considering being a cheerleader in high school. I should teach her a few simple routines next time we visit from my cheerleader days. :)