Monday, July 20, 2009

Bedtime tips

Should you ever see your two year old toddling into the living room at bedtime, smelling of strawberry shampoo, you will know you have ignored him too long. You will also know that it's time to open a new bottle of shampoo. But be grateful he just put it on his hair instead of smearing it everywhere.

Should you smell nail polish instead, hurry to the bathroom to clean up the black nail polish he helped himself to in his quest to imitate his sisters' painted nails. And be grateful he was in his pajamas so the spots don't matter so much.

Should both of these happen within a month, know that it is time to stop ignoring your son at bedtime. Your hope that he will not disturb others will crash with the reality that he will disturb you. It is time to change what you are doing. It is not working.


  1. Sorry :( Alex has started coming out of her room a lot at night now... she likes to sneak down the stairs and giggle. We are about ready to put a child proof door handle thing on the inside of her bedroom door at night.
    It was so nice seeing you today!!!

  2. What if there's an emergency and she can't get out?

    My experience was that I had to spend one night teaching the child to stay in bed. After being physically picked up and put back into bed about 30 times, he/she finally learned the lesson.