Friday, February 6, 2009

Go, Dog, Go.

This last week, we took the whole family to a play.  As plays are one of my favorite things (cue Julie Andrews), it was good to have a chance to go.  I got to share an experience I love with my little ones, but, probably more importantly, I got to remind myself that not everything I love is put on hold for the busy baby years.

Generally, young children aren't allowed at theater productions, but this one was different.  (Of course, it's Go, Dog, Go.  The audience would be rather sparse without little ones.)  Miss M and Young A seemed to think it was all great.  Miss E wasn't sure, but mostly liked it.  Young M seemed a bit scared.  I wish they had used more words.  Overall, the actors did quite well, especially when you realize that they are taking a picture book and turning it into 45 minutes of stuff.

The evening was fun.  And family fun is good.

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