Sunday, February 8, 2009

For Miss M

Listen my daughter, I want you to know
of all that my Savior has done--
How He has blessed me whenever I kneel
and pray for the help of the Son.

How do I find the words to explain
things I'm just starting to know?
Dear, Mommy is not so different from you;
I learn and I grow, but it's slow.

Just as you long to help and to do,
to make and to be--so do I.
Just as you struggle with anger, with grief,
with pain and with you--so do I.

I want to be big, to do it myself.
I start, and I try...and I fail.
The pain I create is too big for me.
I yell, and I cry, and I rail.

Then comes my Savior, loving and kind,
ready to answer my plea.
He comforts. He calms. He cleans, and He heals.
He teaches and purifies me.

Through Him I become. I learn, and I grow.
I finally let myself go.
And as I let go, most wonderful thing,
He steps in and adds so much more.

Beauty for ashes He said He would give,
comfort for all those that mourn.
Truly His promise is worth all we have
For through Him we all are reborn

When life is too much, and you're not enough,
don't give up--fall to your knees.
Through Him we can learn to love and to trust,
for our Savior He always will be.

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