Monday, February 23, 2009

A chance to sing.

When we moved into our new ward (congregation, if you will), we were given work to do.  The Professor became the choir accompanist.  I enjoyed the sudden increase in music in our home, but I was a bit disappointed.  I really enjoy being part of the choir.  And I have found it one of the fastest ways to become acquainted with those around us.  But I couldn't figure out a way to both join the choir and watch the little ones.  So I waited and enjoyed being in the audience.

Recently, though, things have changed.  The Professor now gets to help keep the ward's finances in shape.  Suddenly, choir is fair game.  Of course, few choirs are happy to lose a tenor, so a compromise was necessary.  We trade weeks.  I like it.  He likes it.  Even the choir director likes it.  (Two for the price of one.  What's not to like?)  And I finally get to sing again.  I've missed it.

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