Friday, February 28, 2014

Tetra Costume

Last year, Miss E wanted to dress up like Tetra, the pirate princess in "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker".  And so we set to work. 
For the sword, we cut out a design from cardboard, wrapped it in foil, and added a bit of gold paint, and we had a sword.  (No, we didn't send the sword to school.  Weaponry is frowned upon there.)

Then we made the neckerchief and sash out of some red satiny remnants.  The neckerchief is not a square.  I found that on Miss E, it tied and sat better with less fabric on the corners.

I made a vest for Miss E out of some bright blue fabric from my stash.  I traced one of her shirts on paper for the pattern, minus the sleeves.  I didn't worry about extra fabric for the center hems as the vest was meant to hang open.
The costume was finished off with some white adult shorts with the waist taken in (perfect baggy pirate pants!), a lavender shirt from Miss E's drawers, and some gauzy white strips to wrap around her wrists.  

With her hair in  a ponytail, I think Miss E makes a great princess... I mean pirate.

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