Tuesday, July 5, 2011

You'd think they were related...(updated)

When Young A was 15 months old, naps could be difficult. One particular day, he was extremely sleepy, so I tried to get him to sleep on any soft surface I could find--the bed, the crib, the couch. He refused. Sometime later, I found him sleeping on our pile of shoes.

Recently, we found Young T had
put himself to sleep, just like his older brother did. His ridiculous bed of choice was at the bottom of the stairs.

(If you ask my dad, I probably deserve it. As I child, I was known to sleep on the floor of my room just a few feet away from a perfectly good bed.)

Update: The Professor kindly supplied me with the appropriate picture from his childhood. I wanted to share it.


  1. We have a picture of his daddy asleep face down on a low table, just inches from his bed. I guess this is hereditary!

  2. This is a sign to suggest that he didn't receive the sleep vibes I sent him last night, or maybe they just caught in their way through the Rocky Mountains.....

  3. What's crazy to me is I remember you posting the picture of A and to think that T is now that age, crazy! They sure grow up fast. Both adorable too.

  4. You'd think the smell of the shoes would have waken him. Those pictures are great!