Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer, so far

Summer has been busy around here. Some of our highlights:

~The Professor got to go with the young men of our church on their trip to Lake Powell. He enjoyed it immensely.

~The kids have had ear infections, stitches (in toes!), allergies, pink eye, warts, and sore throats.

~I got to spend a few days with some sister-in-laws (and some girlfriends of my brothers). We had a fabulous time.

~The kids have enjoyed the library's weekly crafts and story-times.

~We've started our job charts three different times (and fallen behind twice...).

~We took the kids to the fourth of July parade.

~We took the family up to visit Grandma and Grandpa. The kids collected eggs, transplanted squash, picked strawberries, rode horses, jumped on the tramp, and climbed trees with cousins. And we made it to my grandma's ninetieth birthday party: lots of fun with lots of people.

~Young A has started up his weekly eye therapy again.

~We've celebrated two birthdays.

~The fruit stands are opening again. I love fresh fruit season.

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