Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have struggled knowing what to write lately.

It is important for me to write the truth, maybe the optimistic truth, but still the truth. When things are hard, I don't know what to write, especially when they are hard because of how I feel rather than what is going on. I know that most of my thoughts on the dark days aren't true, even in the middle of thinking them. Dwelling on them won't help anything. And yet, it isn't true to pretend to be happy and light when I'm struggling. And so I don't say anything.

In an effort to tell more of the story, to present a more complete picture, I hope to include more of the hard. I haven't yet figured out how to honestly do it when I'm in the middle of it, so most of it will be posted once I'm doing well enough to think clearly.

In the meantime, know that I often struggle. While I have been abundantly blessed, my children fight, bite, and whine. I am often lonely, overwhelmed, and/or depressed. And, mostly, sometimes, things are just hard.

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  1. Rachel, I love this post. I don't love it in the sense that I'm sorry things are hard for you sometimes. But I love it because it feels so honest and genuine and has me saying, "wow, she feels that way too sometimes!" I hope you get through the hard things, but I hope you continue to share your thoughts on them as well because I for one know I will benefit from your wisdom.