Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marie's Wedding

This April, the Professor's cousin got married. As I drove up to the luncheon, we listened to one of our new favorite songs, Marie's Wedding. The song talks about a wedding: the dancing and joy of celebration, the travel and sacrifice to participate, the hopes and dreams for the future, and the radiance of the bride and groom.

When we were married ten years ago, I was excited, thrilled, and happy. I was grateful for those who celebrated and shared the day with us. And yet there was so much I couldn't see of what went on that day because I was at the center of it.

With the distance of time, and having participated in other weddings, that song hits home now, especially when I think that in another ten years (or so) I may very well be attending Miss M's wedding. And then, just as for us and just as for the Professor's cousin, we will celebrate with joy. We will travel "over hillways up and down...all for sake of Marie." I think of my girl, on her day, when she will be "fairest of them all by far..our darling Marie." And I hope that her life will bring plenty to eat, and a warm house, and "plenty bonny bairns as well." The same hopes and dreams parents have had for ages. And I tear up and can't sing along for a bit.

And, again, I remember my own wedding, only this time I think of our parents and the hope and joy and work and love that they poured into our wedding. I think of the many people who traveled and took time away from work and family to be with us. How very blessed we were to start our family surrounded by love and faith and joy.

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