Sunday, April 24, 2011


Ten years ago I told the Professor not to ask me that day to marry him. A few hours later, I agreed to become his wife. I am so thankful to be blessed with him for my husband. I am amazed that we found each other. (I am also sure we had help. The Lord was involved from the beginning.) Forgive me if I wax romantic and sentimental over the next few months. You see, I will be remembering my engagement, the time when I first fell deeply in love with my sweetheart.


  1. Sweet! But now I'm curious as to why you told him not to ask you! I love celebrating our engagement. In fact, we usually celebrate the day we got engaged just as much as our actual anniversary.

  2. Mary, I've been trying to remember why I said that. (I had even forgotten I had until recently.) I think I was just overwhelmed with finals and change and relationships and wanted a chance to catch my breath before things went crazy again.