Friday, November 19, 2010


Earlier this week I got to bed late, only to have Young T wake up in pain maybe an hour later. After an hour I finally clued in that he wasn't going back to sleep without some out of the ordinary help. I fought him to get the magic Tylenol down. He started settling within maybe ten minutes. And after another hour, he could finally relax enough to sleep. Three and a half hours later, the medicine wore off, but I slept for those three and a half hours.

Every time I think I'm getting things under control and can finally start to dig out of the exhaustion, another bad night comes or a new crisis, and, again, I am running on sheer willpower mixed with a dose of grace from above. I am again stretched past my own abilities to the point where help from above is vital to getting through the next five minutes. The Lord is determined to help me grow. I just wish it was more comfortable.

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