Thursday, November 11, 2010


There seems to be a theme of faith running through my life right now. I am being reminded on all sides how much difference it makes to move forward with the Lord.

One dear friend prepared for a sudden, surprising, yet exciting move without realizing that was what she was doing. Because she followed the gentle guidance of the Lord, when an opportunity arose, she and her family could accept it quickly.

Another dear friend (here) has recently been given much more opportunity and responsibility at work. And as she looks back at her past, she finds the Lord's hand preparing her for this. As she looks forward at the near future, she feels his assurance that he will be with her in the details that are coming.

Yet another dear friend has been telling her story (here) of creation this past week. She had a great opportunity to paint pictures for a beautiful book by another friend. As the project progressed she experienced both impossible roadblocks and improbable miracles. The end result is a gorgeous, spirit infused Christmas book (here). But more than that, it is a changed heart, a consecrated gift, and an experience of walking with the Lord.

Lately I have felt the Lord guiding and preparing me. There are minutes I wish I didn't. While the experiences that require such close contact with the divine are full of joy and peace, they often also bring pain, grief, and agony. My little faith trembles and shrinks as I consider the possibilities. But then I think of a loving Father, of my friends and of their faith. Their ends are better than their beginnings and better than they could have created alone. They were never left alone. When things seemed impossible, the Lord had already prepared their way. I remember how much better off they and those around them are because they had the faith to walk with the Lord. My faith burns brighter and the Lord's will is not as terrifying. It becomes easier to believe that he won't leave me without the help I so desperately need. I find the faith to take his hand and move forward without answers hoping the Lord is creating something of beauty.

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  1. Rachel, this is so lovely and inspiring, in a reality based where-the-rubber-hits-the road kind of way. I think this is where faith counts the most--at work, in the trenches. Your ability to recognize that you're being led and by Whom puts you farther along the path than you think.

    Thank you for the lovely tribute and for enlarging my perspective by adding your own insights.