Thursday, March 19, 2009

The school of life.

The Professor's father recently asked what I've learned in the past four years.  Here is a non-inclusive list.
I have learned about crossed eyes.
I have learned about buying houses.
I have learned about financing such a purchase.
I have learned that true change is possible.  People can overcome years of bad habits and weakness and become more Christ-like.
I have learned that it is important to allow people to change and to stop treating them as if they hadn't.
I have learned about elementary schools and preschools.
I have learned to be brave about using my simple Spanish with those who don't speak English, and that it is enough.
I have learned that I am part of the problem in my relationships.  I need the forgiveness of others as much as they need mine.
I have learned that the best choices for each person are different.
I have learned about death and grief, abuse and pain.
I have learned that our choices affect those around us profoundly.
I have learned that Christ heals us, even from the worst of life and that healing takes time.
I have learned that we are surrounded by people who are suffering, more than we can imagine.
I have learned that the Lord can use us to ease others' burdens, even if we don't know there are burdens.
I have learned that I can do hard things.
I have learned that anxiety and depression and phobias make daily life difficult.
I have been reminded that there are friends waiting to be made wherever I go.  And that making friends takes time but is very important.


  1. It's amazing how much we can learn in such a small amount of time. At least for me, it can be a challenge to continually remind myself of the things I've learned and implement them. I'm excited to see your blog! It's great. I absolutely LOVE the fabric pattern on Miss E!

  2. Thanks. I find that when I don't remember the things I've learned, the Lord reminds me and teaches me again. And I really like the fabric, too. I wish I had more of it.