Thursday, August 28, 2014


This summer we went camping: wall to wall people and sleeping bags in two tents.  It was lots of fun.  (See?  Miss S thinks so.)  There are lots of parts of camping I don't like, but I love waking up in a tent with beautiful mountains just outside.

Of course, like all camping trips, this one had the "interesting" parts.  Shortly after setting up our tents, a heavy rainstorm blew in.  This wasn't nearly as bad as it sounds.  We were camping with friends from the ward near a friend's family's house.  We sheltered in the kitchen for dinner and by the time we were done, so was the storm.

The kids loved staying up late with friends and then waking up to play some more.  Their favorite place to play (of course) was the large pile of sand left over after some project or another.  We were lucky enough to get to bring home some souvenir sand in shoes and pockets.  So much fun!

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