Sunday, April 6, 2014

From February 2008

(I found this recently.  It seemed appropriate.)

Who am I? Some days I wonder, as I struggle through the dark.
I cannot feel; I cannot see. The clouds around are just too much.

When they break, the sun comes shining. I remember who I am.
The Spirit's back, my joy flows o'er. I bask until gloom comes again.

Light and dark. Shadow, sun. Back and forth I seem to go.
Faith then doubt, despair then hope. I wonder who I really am.

Lord, I do not want this trouble. Lord, please take the clouds away.
Without light, I'm sure to stumble. How can I do my work today?

"Follow me," I hear my Savior. "I will send the light to thee.
Hold on tight until you see it. Know it comes for it's from me."

"When you're scared and dark and lonely, know I see through all there is.
I can see your heart; it trembles, yet it brings you here to me."

"I won't take all clouds away, for you need them to know me.
But I promise, I'll be with you. And, sometimes, you'll see the sun."

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