Wednesday, September 18, 2013

On the perils of play dough

I've been meaning to make fresh play dough for the little ones for the last month.  Today I finally did.  I thought it would be a quick, simple, clean thing.   (Apparently, I haven't done this for a while.)  Making it wouldn't have been too bad, except that Miss S wanted to join in the fun.  This wasn't supposed to induce tantrums...but it did.  Once the dough was done, Young T and Miss S thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was much more fun than playing with the dry stuff last week.  I now have tiny bits of play dough all over the floor, on the chairs, smashed onto the table, and smashed into Young T's pants--so much for clean.  But, by far, the silliest and worst part of it all is that I seem to have gotten a blister from stirring the thick dough.  Maybe tomorrow I can find a quick, simple, clean way to entertain these busy kids.

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