Saturday, December 17, 2011

A quick explanation

Without making excuses, I'd like to explain one reason for the dearth of information lately. I am currently working on another project that leaves less energy for most everything. But I'm happy to report that all the major systems are in place for the next addition to our family. We are on to the growing big enough to survive stage. We're excited for our next baby. I'm especially thrilled to have recently started the third trimester.

In the meantime, the children keep growing faster than I'm ready for. They are enjoying school, except for when they don't. The boys recently got haircuts all around. Football season is over. Young T still doesn't understand that there are some things 2 year-olds just shouldn't do. We haven't had stitches since Labor Day. The primary program went well. We are getting close to being done with eye therapy. (Hooray! Hooray!) Miss M went skiing. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving (with a reminder to be grateful for heat. The furnace broke over the holiday weekend. We've loved the heat since it was fixed.) And now we are preparing for the infusion of family coming next week.

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