Monday, February 20, 2012

Costume Time and a Story

Presenting, last year's costumes. We've got Isis, an Egyptian goddess, and her good friend Tape Dispenser. Joining them are Luke Skywalker, Tigger, and a butterfly-fairy-princess. I'm happy to report that the weather was beautiful and the candy plentiful. We had no trouble with either rain runoff in candy buckets or drowned witches this year. With Tape Dispenser's award for best homemade costume at the university's family party (great job, Professor!), I think we can call this year a success.

And, with the picture as an illustration, recently, Young T has begun escaping again. The other day, a kind neighbor looked out her window and saw a cute Tigger walking outside about to cross the street. Then she realized he was by himself. She hurried outside (without her shoes) and escorted Tigger (complete with two Tigger slippers not in the picture) back to his loved ones. The Professor was quite surprised when Young M exclaimed, "Somebody's bringing Young T back!" How grateful we are to live around neighbors who are willing to step up when we need them.

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  1. Very cute costumes! Look at T's curly hair! Adorable