Thursday, January 6, 2011

A blessing

When our babies are little, the Professor blesses them at church and gives them a name. For the first four of our babies, I carefully took notes while dealing with whatever children were squirming nearby. While it worked well, something of the moment was lost.

With Young T, I wanted to experience the moment. I chose not to take notes, partly because each other time, somebody else had kindly done so. I'm glad I did, yet when we got home, it was hard to remember all that was said. A few weeks later, I found a card in the mailbox. A sweet friend I didn't know well yet had taken notes and written them up. For her it probably took five or ten minutes total to take notes, write them up, and drop them off. But it allowed me to really listen with my heart and not just my pen. I doubt she knows what a gift that was.

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