Sunday, May 24, 2009


Parched and dry I come to Thee,
Longing for relief,
Looking for the water clear
To wash away my grief.

Father, I am tired and worn,
Yet my path goes on.
It stretches to eternity,
Never to be done.

I gather with the other Saints,
Heavy, full of sin.
Through Thy children's words and deeds
Thy love trickles in.

As I drink, the calm begins.
My heart fills with peace.
Hope returns, I walk once more,
For now my fears have ceased.

Aches and pains replaced with joy,
Straight and tall I stand;
I can go another mile
With Thee, hand in hand.

Gratitude o'erflows my heart.
Savior, Thou art kind.
Thy grace leads me ever on
'Til one day I am thine.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Rachel. This is beautiful and I can relate. - Boston